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March 9, 2021




Michael Kalinowski

TestDirectly: The Adaptable Patient Engagement Tool That Simplifies D2C Testing

July 26, 2021
March 2021

Shortly after the pandemic began, LigoLab introduced the TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal as an innovative software solution to help medical laboratories and first care facilities (specimen collection centers, urgent care centers, outpatient clinics, etc.) connect directly with their patients for COVID-19 testing. 

In the months that have followed providers across the country have leveraged this web-based platform to simplify and automate workflows for collection, testing, and reporting to better serve patients and organizations ranging from long-term care facilities and employers to state and county health departments. 

TestDirectly has helped these providers meet their daily challenges in several ways. The platform has boosted test accessibility and eliminated the mistakes and delays that come with paper requisition and intake forms. It’s also streamlined processes, improved turnaround times, and automated the delivery of test results. Put in the simplest of terms, TestDirectly has enabled these providers to test and serve more patients, and even more importantly, get the patients their results more quickly and easily. 

“Hundreds of thousands of patients are processed every single day on TestDirectly,” said LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian. “The platform supports every potential workflow for direct-to-consumer and direct-to-organizational testing and it covers the complete life-cycle of a case and a specimen.”

“Our goal from the very beginning was to provide healthcare organizations with an adaptable patient engagement tool, one with the flexibility to expand and grow with these organizations as they scale their diagnostic services,” continued Avunjian. 

Much like the LigoLab LIS & RCM Platform, the TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer module is under continuous improvement. New features and enhancements are regularly added to the platform to support patient and family self-registration and scheduling, intake forms, capacity management, specimen collection, specimen processing, report delivery, and billing operations, making it the leading software solution for labs processing tens of thousands of samples a day, as well as for facilities with much smaller volumes.

“TestDirectly has evolved to meet the needs of our customers,” said Avunjian, who noted that the platform now has laboratory information system (LIS) functionality. 

“For low-volume facilities, TestDirectly can be used as a standalone point-of-care Laboratory Information System (LIS) that supports instrument interfaces and the resulting of tests, dynamic report generation, report delivery, and reporting to state health agencies,” he said. “For facilities processing thousands of samples a day, TestDirectly integrates with all LIS and RCM (billing) systems and features specimen barcoding and tracking support.”

In addition to alerting patients (text/email notifications) directly about their test results, TestDirectly also offers established electronic connections that automatically deliver reports from laboratories and first care facilities to public health departments and agencies in every state. The platform also supports the collection of patient demographics and insurance information as the test is being ordered, the linking of multiple family members to one account, and the on-demand download of travel documents for air travel. 

“We believe in long-term partnerships, and that can only happen if we provide a superior product and excellent service,” said Avunjian, while commenting on the recent enhancements to the TestDirectly platform. 

About TestDirectly

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About LigoLab 

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal (D2C) is the latest addition to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform, a platform that also includes agile and fully customizable modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Pathology (CP), Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), all on one integrated platform that supports the entire lifecycle of all cases, enabling laboratories to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, and become more profitable.


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