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We Have the Answers for Your FAQs

July 26, 2021
November 2020

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal (D2C) is the latest addition to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™, a platform that also includes agile and fully customizable modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Pathology (CP), Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), plus comprehensive modules and supporting engines that cover the complete life cycle of all laboratory operations and financial processes.

To help you better understand how TestDirectly removes the barriers and enables fast, safe, and easy direct-to-consumer testing for laboratories and collection centers, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What is TestDirectly?

TestDirectly is a highly configurable platform that connects the patient with the laboratory for direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing. The platform provides an all-in-one experience that supports the patient and the testing provider with an efficient unified software solution.

How does TestDirectly work?

TestDirectly is a web-based portal that works seamlessly with any laboratory information system (LIS) to replace paper requisitions and manual labor with a streamlined electronic workflow that eliminates the bottlenecks and friction that cause delays and errors. With it, laboratories and testing sites gain a tool to boost testing capacity and improve turnaround times.

Is TestDirectly an end-to-end solution for my laboratory?

TestDirectly covers the complete life-cycle of a case and a specimen from self-registration and ordering, to on-site testing management and specimen collection, to electronic delivery of the order to the laboratory, to laboratory processing, report delivery, and billing operations.

How does TestDirectly help solve the bottleneck created by manual order entry of paper requisitions?

TestDirectly provides an easily accessible platform that enables the patient to self-register and schedule testing from any PC, tablet, or mobile device. This replaces paper forms and starts the electronic workflow that greatly reduces the potential for data entry errors and positions the lab to scale up testing capacity. By removing paper the whole process becomes touch-free, reducing the risk of possible contamination for both the patient and laboratory and testing site personnel.

The manual order entry bottleneck is a major problem for labs once the testing volume goes above 500 specimens a day. The only way to truly scale-up capacity in an efficient way is to replace the paper requisitions with an electronic workflow that starts with patient self-registration and continues to support the complete life-cycle of the case and the specimen.

Can TestDirectly help make my drive-through testing site more efficient?

The TestDirectly platform supports all collection workflows, including drive-through, walk-up, and employer/organizational testing.

TestDirectly’s drive-through workflow gives you several ways to efficiently serve more patients without sacrificing how quickly they receive their test results.

While registering for a test, the patient selects a testing appointment from a menu with predetermined time intervals that you control. Once a particular time interval is filled, that option automatically disappears from the selection menu. Scheduled appointments limit the potential for long lines and improve the patient experience.

At check-in, you’ll no longer have to try and gather information for a paper form from a patient speaking through a mask and a cracked car window. Instead, all that’s needed for check-in is a simple scan of the QR code the patient received when completing the test order.

The scan confirms the appointment and triggers the automatic printing of labels that include the patient’s demographics and that marry the specimen to the patient’s order. From that same scan, the patient is also given a lane assignment based on availability. Once the printed labels are attached to the laboratory test kit, the patient proceeds to the assigned lane.

Can TestDirectly help with my laboratory turnaround times?

Yes, in addition to boosting capacity, TestDirectly can also make a huge impact on laboratory TAT. The average turnaround time for labs using the TestDirectly platform is 30 hours from specimen collection.

Can TestDirectly help with the delivery of the test results to the patient, the provider, and public health agencies?

Yes, TestDirectly frees the laboratory from any follow-up because patient reports are automatically delivered from the LIS to the TestDirectly portal, and the patient and provider are notified (via email and/or SMS) when the test results are ready to be viewed in the portal.

TestDirectly also supports providers with a special portal to track and call if the patient receives a non-negative result. Additionally, public health officials are equipped with a portal that provides access to real-time test results and prevalence, allowing them to monitor and take immediate action when positive COVID-19 cases are identified.

How does the patient find my testing site on TestDirectly?

From the TestDirectly home page, the patient simply enters a zip code that’s configured to map to your testing site, or unique vanity links to the landing page are created for your company to either post on-line or in targeted emails, and the links take the patient to your testing site.

Can TestDirectly be configured to have the look and feel of my business?

Your testing site landing page can be customized and branded with your company’s logo and include customized information for the patient, like where the site is located, hours of business, special instructions, and when the next appointment is available.

Will TestDirectly work with my laboratory information system (LIS)?

The simple answer is yes, TestDirectly is agnostically designed to seamlessly integrate with any LIS and any testing instrument.

How long will it take to implement TestDirectly into my lab operations?

Installing TestDirectly takes just one-to-two weeks and implementation won’t cause any disruption to your laboratory operations. It will only improve the efficiency and capacity of your operations.

After selecting my testing site, how does the patient order a test?

After selecting your site, the patient is prompted to either create a new account or log in to an existing account. To open an account, all that’s needed is an email address and a password.

Once an account is created, a verification email is sent to the patient who opens the email, clicks on the activation link and returns to the newly created account to continue ordering the test.

Does TestDirectly capture all of the patient information needed to satisfy public health agencies?

Yes, the patient builds a profile, inputs symptoms, and provides all the required public health information as he or she orders the test.

Can TestDirectly help manage the scheduling of tests at my testing site?

TestDirectly offers multiple ways for you to configure scheduling at your testing site. You can set up specific days for when the site is open or closed, and on open days, you can set time intervals for appointments and apply a maximum number of patients that can schedule for a particular time interval. When the time interval reaches the maximum number of patients, that time interval will automatically disappear from the selection options for the next patient.  

Can test payment be set-up as part of the ordering process with TestDirectly?

Yes, after scheduling, you can provide multiple payment options for the patient, like insurance, uninsured, or self-pay options.

The self-pay option utilizes a Stripe account for credit card processing and doesn’t store any financial information on the website. The patient is charged before or after testing has been completed. It’s your choice as to when.

The platform utilizes powerful integrations to automatically discover insurances. It’s able to do this for 60 percent of all patients, and the remaining 40 percent can enter their insurance details. The platform can do live eligibility checking that saves countless billing hours for demographic checking.  

Both insurance and ID cards can be captured by importing a photo of each during registration or the check-in process at the testing site. These cards will be automatically transmitted with the order requisition that is submitted to the laboratory, giving order entry staff an efficient way to check that the appropriate information is submitted with the billing claim.

Can TestDirectly help with the management of my testing site?

Administrators with unique credentials can access the provider website to check-in patients, view a scheduled list for the day, and release orders electronically to the lab. They can also create orders on the fly to accommodate any walk-up patients.

How does the patient check-in for the testing site appointment?

After completing an order, TestDirectly automatically emails the patient a test order confirmation that includes a barcode to be used at the testing site for check-in. The email also includes the address for the testing site location, the scheduled test time, and patient instructions.

The patient is checked in when his or her unique order ID barcode is scanned at the testing site, either from the patient’s mobile device or from the printed requisition. Once scanned, barcoded labels are automatically printed to identify the patient and the specimen, and the labels are affixed to the specimen collection containers.

During the check-in process, TestDirectly can capture the patient’s ID, insurance card, or other identification for billing operations. These will be automatically transmitted with the order requisition to the laboratory to assist with the billing of the claim.

How is the patient informed about the test results?

Once the test result is finalized and verified, a report is created and automatically sent to the TestDirectly portal, and the patient is notified by either email or SMS text to check the result.

What if the patient doesn’t have an email address or an active TestDirectly account?

A patient that doesn’t have an email address or an active TestDirectly account can still get his or her test result by using the TestDirectly website access key that is received at the testing site on test day. The key allows the patient access to the portal to see his or her results without an email or an active account.

When can the patient expect to get his or her test results?

Patient test results are generally ready for review the day after the specimen was collected.

Does TestDirectly support employer or organizational testing?

In addition to the drive-through model, TestDirectly also provides complete workflow support for organizational back-to-work and consumer testing, plus testing for school and university systems, correctional and long term care facilities, the entertainment and production industry, and more.

When was TestDirectly developed and where is the company located?

TestDirectly is the latest addition to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform, a flexible and comprehensive platform designed by LigoLab Information System to unite, modernize, and transform labs into thriving businesses.

The TestDirectly portal was swiftly built and brought to the market in March 2020 to facilitate safe and easy specimen collection and processing of laboratory testing. Its primary use so far has been for COVID-19 testing. Long term, the portal will be a reliable way for patients to quickly access laboratory services for all of their testing needs, and for laboratories to take advantage of the fast-growing direct-to-consumer testing market with new business opportunities.

LigoLab is headquartered in Los Angeles, where since 2006 it’s been a leading provider of innovative end-to-end healthcare software solutions that give labs an edge over the competition.

How can I learn more about the TestDirectly platform to see if it’s a good fit for my business?

To learn more, visit us at or call (818) 395-4659 to schedule a customized software demonstration.


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