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For Patients

You will get directions to a safe and FDA-approved collection center near you, as well as a private and secure login to this website, where you can get your results within 48 hours.

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For Physicians

Our platform expertly manages the entire collection and testing workflow so you don’t have to. We support you and your staff as you provide the care and the follow-up your patients need with zero physical contact and fast turnaround times.

Click here to set up your own custom, branded portal in less than 3 minutes.

Send patients to your portal, where they can schedule an appointment at a nearby FDA-approved collection center.

In no more than 48 hours, both you and the patient are directed to log into your portal to see the testing results.

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To see how we can support your practice and provide step-by-step guidance for your patients.

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For Laboratories

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal works seamlessly with all laboratory information systems (LIS) to replace paper requisitions and manual labor with a streamlined electronic workflow that eliminates the order entry bottleneck and frees labs from any patient follow-up. The portal is a scalable solution. It boosts testing capacity and improves turnaround times.

Reduce errors

An integrated and fully-digital platform dramatically reduces costly data errors.

Increase capacity

We load-balance and streamline the entire testing process so your laboratory can increase capacity and maximize output.

Professional branding

Your portal on this platform is fully customizable and designed with the needs of independent labs in mind - it will appear as a seamless part of your business.

Improve efficiency

Our system collects payment information and checks insurance eligibility - saving you time and frustration.

Open up a new revenue stream for your business while also helping to boost U.S. testing capacity for COVID-19

Automated Reporting to Health Authorities

Your laboratory testing portal can report results not only to physicians and patients but also, when appropriate, to federal, state, and local health authorities.

We would not have been able to accomplish what we have with any other LIS vendor.

I call TestDirectly team 24/7 and they are always helpful. Knowing that you have a partner that you can rely on is huge when you have a commitment as large as the one we have with Florida.

Jennifer Bull

Chief Operating Officer at
Northwest Laboratory
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Request a demo to see how TestDirectly seamlessly connects to the LigoLab Operating Platform and integrates with any LIS to support all collection and testing workflows.

We would not have been able to accomplish what we have with any other LIS vendor.

I call the TestDirectly team 24/7 and they are always helpful. Knowing that you have a partner that you can rely on is huge when you have a commitment as large as the one we have with Florida's Department of Health.

Jennifer Bull

Chief Operating Officer at
Northwest Laboratory

For Collection Centers

Let nearby physicians, patients, employers and agencies know you exist - and prepare patient paperwork with "no touch" documentation.

Have local patients and referring physicians find you on our platform.  Completely turnkey - all we need is your address and hours of operation.

Safe, Contactless, and Efficient Check-in!. No paperwork. No problem. Just scan the QR Code on the patient’s mobile device to confirm the appointment and begin the collection process.

After the QR Code is scanned...

the system automatically prints labels with the patient’s name and a unique barcode. The specimen is next collected and securely routed to the laboratory. Everything is connected electronically. There’s nothing to sign and no contact risk. The whole process takes five minutes. Once the report is generated it is instantly transferred to the patient and the public health agency.

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We’ve designed a convenient and risk-free drive-through testing experience. Request a demo to see how it works.

For Schools

To safely welcome back students, teachers, and staff for in-person learning and prevent future outbreaks, schools need a partner that can help them organize and manage safe and secure testing programs, cater to their unique requirements, and deliver fast and accurate test results.

TestDirectly offers a nationwide network of laboratories and an efficient all-in-one solution that supports surveillance testing, a form of testing for infectious diseases that focuses on large groups rather than the individual. Simply upload a CSV file with student and staff demographics and create pool testing batch orders and testing events based on your school's safety protocols, as well as variables like patient type, facility, and class, to gather information and identify potential outbreaks.

Easy to implement

Set up your testing program within a few days to a week with a web-based platform that can integrate with your school's back-end system, and is accessible from anywhere at any time on any device.


Create a testing event and then support the campaign with a streamlined electronic workflow that supports pool testing batch orders, includes specimen barcoding and tracking, and that’s customized for your school.

Automated and live reporting

School administrators and public health agencies are immediately notified of positive results, reducing risk and preventing outbreaks.


Parents and guardians have real-time access to student test results and can initiate follow-up testing on their own.

Safe and secure

No apps needed. TestDirectly works with any browser and is HIPAA compliant. Permissions are based on security clearance.

Expert hands-on support

From implementation to go-live and beyond, the TestDirectly support team is with you at every stage with domain expertise and best practices.

As a software as a service (SaaS) patient engagement platform, TestDirectly supports all school testing programs. With access control built into the platform, administrators can see results by facility, by staff, by students, or by any other attributes. The platform also features multiple labeling and specimen collection workflows, and it supports family testing (multiple family members under one account). It also automates reporting for public health agencies and notifies parents or guardians when student test results are ready to be viewed. With real-time reporting and a dedicated portal to track live cases, school administrators and public health agencies can immediately identify positive cases, prevent outbreaks, reduce risk, and create a safer learning environment.

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For Governmental Agencies

Get the flexibility and capacity to test large populations quickly and the information needed to prevent outbreaks and initiate safety protocols.

The platform features both self-registration and bulk order options, supports multiple collection workflows, and requires less resources for follow-up because the patients are notified directly when their results are ready and the agency is able to monitor metrics like patient demographics and prevalence in real-time.

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For Employers

Whether you have essential workers coming in or you're making plans for the eventual return of some of your work-from-home employees, as an employer you need to design COVID protocols that are safe, efficient, and get employee buy-in.

TestDirectly has already worked with employers such as Walmart, plus large meat packing and fishing companies to develop end-to-end plans for employee testing that maximize workplace safety while preserving privacy and limiting liability.  Get in touch with a TestDirectly representative today for a free consultation on the needs of your business.

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