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The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal works seamlessly with all laboratory information systems (LIS) to replace paper requisitions and manual labor with a streamlined electronic workflow that eliminates the order entry bottleneck and frees labs from any patient follow-up. The portal is a scalable solution. It boosts testing capacity and improves turnaround times.

Reduce errors

With patient self-registration, our integrated and fully-digital platform dramatically reduces costly data errors.

Increase capacity

We load-balance and streamline the entire testing process so your laboratory can increase capacity and maximize output.

Professional branding

Your portal on this platform is fully customizable and designed with the needs of independent labs in mind - it will appear as a seamless part of your business.

Improve efficiency

Our system collects payment information and checks insurance eligibility - saving you time and frustration.

Open up a new revenue stream for your business while also helping to boost U.S. testing capacity for COVID-19

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