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February 4, 2021




Michael Kalinowski

How Laboratories can Increase Capacity and Turnaround Times while Reducing Errors

July 26, 2021
February 2021

COVID-19 is forcing laboratories to level up. Labs find it challenging to provide <24 hour turnaround times, at scale, when held back by legacy software systems, manual processes, and the bottlenecks they create. 

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal (D2C) is the leading one-stop solution. It automates and streamlines COVID-19 workflows, making it easier for laboratories to connect with patients, providers, long-term care facilities, schools, employers, and government agencies for fast, easy, and accurate COVID-19 specimen collection, testing, and reporting. 

As a web-based application, TestDirectly can quickly integrate with any laboratory information system. Once in place, laboratories gain an innovative new patient and organizational engagement tool. 

TestDirectly removes headaches and opens up new opportunities. It’s a market differentiator that enables labs to go after new business.

TestDirectly: Convenient, User-Friendly, and Scalable Solution for Your Laboratory

  • Easy to Implement: Set-up within a week. 
  • Drives Growth: Gain new revenue opportunities from TestDirectly by supporting both direct-to-consumer and direct-to-organization testing.
  • Improves Turnaround Times and Capacity: Enjoy immediate gains by replacing paper requisitions, manual processes, and data entry errors with an automated electronic workflow that begins with patient self-registration on any computer, or mobile device. Scheduling, appointment reminders, and results reporting are all automated and self-service; no more phone calls.
  • Increases Safety:  Paper and contact-free workflows reduce exposure risk for patients, providers, and collection site personnel. 
  • Flexible: TestDirectly supports drive-through, walk-up, and on-site collections for patients, providers, schools, employers, long-term care facilities, and government agencies. For back-to-work and organizational testing, TestDirectly users can conveniently upload a CSV of patient demographics for batch order collection and testing events.
  • Accurate: TestDirectly features comprehensive barcoding and tracking features that prevent lost specimens at every stage. Specimens receive barcode identifiers at the time of collection, and then need only to be scanned in at the laboratory before going straight to processing.
  • Scaleable: TestDirectly processes over 150,000 cases every single day, and to date has supported millions of cases with zero unplanned downtime. Dozens of laboratories have experienced explosive volume growth (6,000+%) by automating and streamlining collecting, testing, and reporting processes, and delivering a platform that attracts customers for back-to-work, drive-through, concierge, urgent care, and government agency testing. 
  • Generates Revenue: TestDirectly prevents lost revenue with real-time insurance eligibility checking and HRSA submission integration. The portal also enables the collection of electronic copies of a patient’s insurance card and photo ID upfront. 
  • Efficient: By automating patient support, TestDirectly frees lab staff from customer service calls and case follow-up. The portal automatically sends results back to the patient using both email and SMS, while also providing real-time results and analytics for providers, public health agencies, employers, and school and long-term care administrators. A tracking and calling feature is also provided for all patients with non-negative results.

TestDirectly frees laboratories from slow manual processes and potential errors. It simplifies workflows and provides an easier way for labs to engage in direct-to-consumer and back-to-work and organizational testing.

To find out how TestDirectly can help your laboratory become more efficient and profitable, request a TestDirectly Software Demonstration or call 818-395-4659.

Unite Your LIS & RCM, Revolutionize Your Business
TestDirectly is the latest addition to the fully integrated LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform, which features powerful automation, third-party real-time integrations for demographic and billing lookups, interwoven LIS and billing workflows, automated clean claim scrubbing, and automated CPT/ICD coding. To learn how your laboratory can gain complete transparency and control of its billing workflow, visit


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