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January 4, 2021




Michael Kalinowski

LigoLab’s TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal Helps Labs Prevent Lost Revenue

July 26, 2021
January 2021

Los Angeles, CA, January 4, 2021 - Ever since the early days of the pandemic, laboratories across the country have been using LigoLab’s TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal (D2C) to eliminate bottlenecks, boost testing capacity, and improve turnaround times for COVID-19 testing. Now, these same laboratories can also use the portal to help prevent lost revenue, too. 

“TestDirectly creates end-to-end efficiencies that help laboratories collect, process, and report test results without delay,” said Suren Avunjian, LigoLab Information System CEO. “With our portal, patients can not only self-register for their tests and schedule their collection appointments from any mobile device, but they can also upload insurance cards and photo IDs as they complete their orders. Having the ability to collect this kind of patient data upfront is a major advantage for labs, providers, and patients.” 

According to Farzad Abdi, LigoLab RCM Billing Manager, typing mistakes are a common problem for both patients and laboratory accessioners when dealing with patients and insurance information, and the uploading of insurance cards and photo IDs is a simple and effective solution to this problem.

“If there is an issue with eligibility or the subscriber ID, the first thing the billing department will do is check the attached documents,” said Abdi. “If the insurance card and patient ID are attached, it’s easy to identify and correct any typo.”

Abdi noted that when eligibility doesn’t come back active, it’s most often because the patient or insurance information was entered wrong. He also said it’s in the best interest of the patients using TestDirectly to upload insurance and IDs to avoid surprise bills.

“If the laboratory can’t verify the insurance, it typically calls the doctor and the patient. If the doctor and patient aren’t available, the patient is going to end up receiving the bill,” said Abdi. “Including an insurance card and photo ID with the order makes it a headache-free experience for the patient and the laboratory.”

TestDirectly is a web-based portal that increases testing accessibility for the public while opening up new streams of revenue for laboratories and collection facilities. It integrates with all laboratory information systems (LIS) and all revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to replace paper requisitions, manual labor, and data entry errors with an electronic workflow that supports the complete lifecycle of a specimen. This includes patient self-registration, appointment scheduling, specimen collection (drive-through, walk-ups, employer/organizational testing), laboratory processing, report delivery, and billing operations. Once finalized, reports are automatically delivered from the LIS to the portal, and patients are then notified (via email and/or SMS) that their test results are ready to be viewed. 

TestDirectly is the latest addition to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform, a platform that also includes customizable modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Pathology (CP), Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), all on one united software infrastructure that eliminates data silos and inconsistent data. With this fully integrated LIS & RCM platform, laboratories that are supported by automation and powerful verification and scrubbing components can begin the billing cycle at the order level to increase clean claim submissions and decrease claim denials, which improves efficiency, revenue, and profit. 

LigoLab Supports Pooled Testing

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform has pooled testing technology built into its Clinical Pathology solution. By utilizing pooled testing methodology, labs can greatly increase testing capacity, improve turnaround times, and save on supply costs. To learn more, visit or call (818) 395-4659.


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