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July 20, 2020




Michael Kalinowski

TestDirectly links Laboratories, Physicians, Employers, and Government Agencies for Efficient COVID-19 Collection, Testing, and Reporting

July 26, 2021
July 2020

Los Angeles, CA, July 20, 2020 - TestDirectly is a dynamic, web-based portal designed to help laboratories increase COVID-19 testing revenue. The portal directly links employers to laboratories and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of COVID-19 testing. It connects patients, companies, collection centers, laboratories, and physicians for fast, safe, and easy testing.

TestDirectly expedites lab services by using QR codes and mobile devices to provide rapid and remote patient data collection. Patients can self-register, check symptoms, consult with a doctor, and book an appointment at the nearest collection center. Patients are next notified through email or SMS text that their results are ready to be viewed in the portal within 2-3 days of sample collection.

The portal supports contactless workflows for drive-through and on-site/dispatched sample collections, and soon it will also support at-home collections (with telemedicine included). It also integrates with any laboratory information system and test instrumentation while providing secure communications with state and national registries.

TestDirectly is already at work, having partnered with Northwest Laboratory (Bellingham, Washington) and the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to conduct a baseline test of the state’s long term care (LTC) residents and staff for COVID-19. Through this partnership, 150,000 tests were processed in less than three weeks. TestDirectly provided DOH with a desktop application to monitor the test results and prevalence in real-time, and this transparency allowed the department to quickly isolate and initiate contact tracing for positive results. It also relieved NWL from having to follow-up with any of the cases.

The TestDirectly footprint is growing and available to laboratories performing COVID-19 testing throughout the US, and for businesses that are adding testing protocols in order for their employees to return to work safely and to stay safe over time. TestDirectly has the capacity to support all employers, from large corporations to small businesses. It puts businesses in control of their testing populations while connecting them with laboratories that are committed to providing timely results.


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