TestDirectly Drive-through Workflow and Collection Facility Workflow Support
December 4, 2021




MIchael Kalinowski

TestDirectly Drive-through Workflow and Collection Facility Workflow Support (Video and Transcript)

January 29, 2022
December 2021

Video Transcript:

TestDirectly is a highly configurable robust platform for providing direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing. TestDirectly is a complete solution from self-registration and ordering, to on-site testing management, the electronic delivery of orders to the lab, and the results portal for patients. While we can offer much more than COVID-19 testing, the following demo will illustrate a basic experience for the user placing an order, and for the entity providing COVID-19 test collection and submission to the lab. 

From the TestDirectly home page, a user can either enter in their zip code, which would be configured to map to your testing sites, or we can create unique hyperlinks that your company can post online, or include in targeted emails that bring users to your testing site options. The testing site option can be customized with your company logo, display information about the testing site, and show the next available appointment. After selecting the testing site, the user will be prompted to create a new account or log in with their existing account. If the user creates a new account, they are emailed an activation link and log in again after activation, which brings them to the next step in ordering. In this example, there's only one test being offered at the site, so the system automatically places the test into the cart. We can list specific information about the test and provide more detailed test info as necessary. 

Also, on this page, information can be displayed about the testing event and testing site, and the entity responsible for managing the testing. As the user continues with the ordering process, they are presented with ask-on-order-entry questions which can be required. You can capture information about the order such as symptoms, previous contact and testing history, or collect information, which will be stored on the patient profile, such as race, ethnicity, etc. If the user places a second order in the future, the profile information will already be displayed. After completing the required questions, the user is now prompted to schedule their test. TestDirectly offers multiple ways to configure the scheduling for your testing sites. You can set specific days that the testing site is open or closed, and on open days, you can set time intervals of appointments and apply a maximum number of patients that can schedule per time interval. If the time interval is scheduled by the maximum number of patients, the time offering will disappear from the scheduling selection automatically. 

After scheduling, the user is prompted for payment options. You can apply different choices of payment options for the user, such as self-pay, insurance, or uninsured. The self-pay option utilizes a Stripe account, which does not store any information on the website. The customer can be charged after placing the order or after testing is complete. Selecting insurance allows the user to enter their information manually. The system can also capture and upload attachments such as insurance cards and ID, which will be shown later in the demo. TestDirectly can require users to accept specific terms and conditions before completing their order. 

Now that all of the required information is complete, the user can click Place Order, which will take them to the order requisition queue. A unique barcode for the order is placed on the requisition, and you're able to map customized patient instructions for testing. The user can cancel, email, or print the requisition from this screen. TestDirectly can work with you in the laboratory to fully customize a requisition that maps all of the pertinent information needed to process the lab specimen. TestDirectly will automatically email the user a test order confirmation, which will include a barcode to use at the testing site for check-in, testing location, address, scheduled time, and patient instructions. At any point after ordering, the user can log into the TestDirectly website, go to the results page, and see their scheduled appointment. From this view. They could also cancel the appointment if necessary. 

Now let's explore the testing provider experience of managing specimen collection sites utilizing the TestDirectly platform.

Personnel responsible for managing testing sites will log in to a provider website with unique credentials. This allows them to access the testing site page. The testing personnel who are allowed to check in patients view a scheduled list and release orders electronically to the lab. A typical check-in process begins with scanning the user's unique order ID barcode from their mobile device or printed requisition. If your company provides pre-barcoded specimen collection containers, the system will join the order ID with the specimen automatically, so that upon receiving, the laboratory can scan the specimen collection container and process the sample. Otherwise, the system can print barcoded labels to identify patient and sample labels during the check-in process, which can be affixed to the specimen collection containers. 

During the check-in process, TestDirectly can capture ID, insurance card, or other identification for selected payment types. These will be automatically transmitted with the order requisition that is submitted to the laboratory. This will provide order entry staff with a way to check that the appropriate information is submitted with the billing claim. The testing provider sends the orders electronically to the lab, and once they have been resulted, a patient can be notified via email to log in and check their results. 

After logging in the patient clicks on the Results tab and can view the report. Testing site personnel can also create orders on the fly for any walk-up patients to the testing locations. This might be necessary if an unscheduled patient does not have an email address for prior signup and registration. The onsite testing personnel can enter their information, click Save, and check-in. This will create an order ID and an access key that can be given to the user. They can now go to the TestDirectly homepage, enter the order ID access key and date of birth to access their results without signing up for an account. 

The TestDirectly system was built on the foundation of providing multiple configurations to satisfy the needs of your company's direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing. This is just one example of how the platform can provide an all-in-one experience, which supports the user and testing provider in a unified software solution. 


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