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September 10, 2020




Michael Kalinowski

TestDirectly - A Platform Designed to Simplify COVID-19 Collection, Testing, and Reporting

July 26, 2021
September 2020

For laboratories, the coronavirus has created a need for more testing with faster results. To meet this growing demand and better serve their clients and patients, Labs across the country are turning to TestDirectly, a direct-to-consumer portal built by LigoLab Information System and designed to simplify COVID-19 collection, testing, and reporting.

TestDirectly eliminates the common barriers that all labs face, saves time and money, and clears the way for fast and accurate testing.

It seamlessly integrates with all laboratory information systems, replaces paper requisitions, removes the manual order entry and follow-up bottlenecks, barcodes and tracks all specimens, and allows laboratories to boost testing capacity and improve turnaround times. 

Step 1 - The patient self-registers at

The patient enters a zip code, selects a collection center, and chooses a test.

If the patient has already created an account, he or she simply logs in. 

To open an account, all that’s needed is an email address and a password. 

Once created, a verification email is sent to the patient who opens the email, clicks on the activation link to log in, and adds additional demographic details. 

From there, the patient has the option to enable SMS notifications. By enabling, appointment reminders and test results can be sent as notifications to a mobile device. 

Next, the patient inputs symptoms and any other ask at order entry question you would like to collect, schedules a drive-through appointment, enters his or her payment details which can be confirmed with live eligibility checking and insurance discovery service, reads and agrees to terms, and places the order.

A requisition is generated and an email is sent to the patient. Both contain the unique barcode needed for the appointment as well as further information. 

Step 2 -The patient arrives at the drive-through collection center for the appointment.

For the appointment, the patient provides the barcode and a photo ID. The code is scanned to confirm the appointment, and labels with the patient’s demographics and a unique barcode are automatically printed and then attached to the laboratory test kit. 

Step 3 - The patient proceeds to the sample collection area. 

Following instructions, the patient rolls down the window and receives a card with an access key that will allow him or her to check results without an email and without creating an account. 

Then, with guidance from a healthcare technician, the patient self-collects a nasal swab sample. 

The collected sample is securely packed and sent to the CLIA-certified laboratory to be analyzed.  

Step 4 - Laboratory analysis

At the laboratory, the sample is scanned in and sent right to processing. Once the result is finalized and verified, a report is created and automatically sent to the TestDirectly portal. 

Step 5 - The patient is notified to check the test results. 

The moment the results are received by the TestDirectly portal, the patient is notified via email or SMS to check the results, which can be viewed and downloaded from the results section of the portal. 

Test results are generally ready for review the day after the laboratory received the sample.

The portal also connects the laboratory to both state and regulatory agencies for the immediate sharing of all report data.

If the patient tests positive for COVID-19, he or she is contacted immediately by a qualified healthcare professional who’s monitoring the test results in real-time. 

In addition to this drive-through model, TestDirectly also provides complete workflow support for organizational back-to-work and consumer testing, plus testing for school and university systems, correctional and long term care facilities, the entertainment industry, and more. 

TestDirectly is the latest addition to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform, a flexible and comprehensive platform designed to unite, modernize, and transform labs into thriving businesses. 

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