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August 20, 2020




Michael Kalinowski

Introducing TestDirectly, One of LigoLab’s Powerful Supporting Modules

July 26, 2021
August 2020

To thrive while managing fee reductions, claim denials, heightened competition for customers, and many other potential pain points, labs must be nimble and continue to adapt, and the same goes for their information system provider.

At LigoLab, we empower laboratories nationwide with all the tools needed to successfully navigate in an industry that’s in constant flux, and we take full responsibility for their information system needs. We develop and deploy new features and enhancements daily that remove barriers, improve efficiency, and help our lab partners achieve their financial goals.

The TestDirectly direct-to-consumer portal is a great example of LigoLab quickly identifying and fulfilling a need for its customers and for any laboratory interested in boosting test capacity and improving turnaround times.

TestDirectly is a dynamic, web-based portal designed to connect patients, physicians, employers, and government agencies with collection centers and laboratories for fast, safe, and easy collection, testing, and reporting.

The portal seamlessly integrates with a laboratory’s LIS and eliminates paperwork and manual processes by replacing both with an electronic workflow that removes the order entry bottleneck and facilitates fast results. Patients simply self-register at, select a collection facility, and book an appointment from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. The portal supports touchless and paperless workflows for both drive-through and onsite collections, and soon will also support at-home collections.

When test results are ready, the patient is notified to check the results at the portal. Finalized reports are automatically sent to the portal, alleviating the lab’s need to follow-up with the patient.

Labs nationwide are currently using the portal to help them more efficiently collect, test, and report COVID-19 cases with test results automatically sent back to the patient and public health and state and national registries within 24 hours of the laboratory receiving the sample. Long term, the portal will be a reliable way for patients to directly connect with laboratories for all of their testing needs.

To Find Out More About TestDirectly and How it Works, Visit These Links:

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Florida Turns to TestDirectly and Northwest Laboratory to Protect its Seniors from COVID-19

Why Choose LigoLab?

In Latin, Ligo means “to unite,” and that’s what LigoLab precisely does for its 100+ laboratory clients nationwide. The company’s comprehensive laboratory platform includes powerful modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Pathology (CP), Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), and Revenue Cycle Management/Billing, all united on one integrated software infrastructure.

With LigoLab, you get data integrity from end-to-end and a trusted partner that takes full responsibility for all your information system needs. No synchronization, no middleware, no finger-pointing, no headaches.

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