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January 21, 2021




Michael Kalinowski

Dr. Rossi and Reditus Laboratories - Leaders in the Fight Against COVID-19

July 26, 2021
January 2021

In a recent interview, Dr. Aaron Rossi was asked if sleep has been hard to come by lately, considering all that’s going on with Reditus Laboratories, one of the fastest-growing laboratories in the entire county, and one that has the capacity to collect, process, and report upwards of 15,000 COVID-19 tests daily with an average turnaround time of 14 hours from the time the specimen hits the lab.

His response?

“Absolutely,” said Rossi, who revealed that he’s able to run on three-to-four hours a day while managing a massive business, a raging pandemic, and a young family. “Sleep is hard to come by because we’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and testing never stops.” 

The tireless Rossi, who graduated from medical school in 2012, is CEO for both Reditus Laboratories, a full-service dermatopathology lab, and PAL Health Technologies, one of the nation’s leading domestic suppliers of prescription foot and ankle orthoses. Both businesses are based out of Pekin, Illinois. 

Since April of 2020, Reditus laboratories has processed and reported 1.4 million COVID-19 tests, quite an impressive feat when you consider the practice bought it’s first PCR machine in February of 2020 to rapidly diagnose soft tissue and wound infections. Within a matter of weeks, the machine was being used instead to diagnose COVID-19 as Dr. Rossi and his team quickly pivoted to meet a need as the first wave of the pandemic was hitting central Illinois.

To learn more about the Reditus Laboratories journey to one million COVID tests and beyond, CLICK HERE.

At present, Dr. Rossi and his team are utilizing eight PCR systems with each one capable of running 384 specimens in just under 90 minutes. Before going to the machines, there is an extraction protocol, a specimen transfer, and a wash cycle. With each step factored in, the lab is able to process 384 specimens per machine every three-and-a-half hours. 

During the interview with Rita Frazer of the RFD Radio Network, Dr. Rossi also touched on the following topics:

  • How Reditus went from seven employees to over 250 with plans to add even more.
  • How Reditus Laboratories was able to partner with the State of Illinois and UnityPoint Health for testing, which then led to large-scale clients such as Smithfield Foods, Caterpillar, Hillsboro Hospital, Hopedale Hospital, Illinois State University, and the Illinois Department of Corrections.
  • How innovation and technology are supporting a workflow and a staff that’s able to process and report over 3,000 tests every four hours. 
  • The details behind the donations of COVID-19 tests to help area schools get their students back into school.
  • What to expect in the months ahead in regards to the virus.
  • How Reditus Laboratories will soon by offering antibody testing so individuals can check their antibody levels post-vaccine. 

At the close of the interview, Dr. Rossi credited his staff and the TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal as keys that have enabled Reditus to process at such a high volume while still maintaining the highest of standards.

For more details on how Reditus Laboratories was able to grow and scale so quickly, and how your laboratory can do the same, call (818) 395-4659 or visit us at  


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